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Composer Showreel 2023 | Mor Sedero
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Mor is a composer and sound designer from Israel. Writing costume music for video games, movies, produces music for independent artists, multi-instrumentalist, and a recording & mixing engineer. Learned how to play guitar as a kid and transposed that passion into producing rock, funk, metal and electronic music for a living, accompanied with heavy guitars, distorted synths, blasting drums and high energy riffs.​

With over 10 years of experience as music composer for PC and mobile games, movies in multiple genres, musical productions for artists, playing many instruments and teaching.

Music is my daily occupation and my greatest passion. Among my other occupations I am an ensemble instructor, professional guitar player, arranger and a recording & mixing engineer.

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Work Experience



Music Producer at Simply (Formerly Joytunes)

Music Producer for the new app SimplySing. Created and reassembled famous tunes from scratch in high level details, using MIDI, recorded audio, mixing and mastering.
Working with audio directors, managers, handling tight deadlines and revisions.

Freelance Composer and Sound Designer


Music Composer for award winning Films in Various Projects collaborated with Kibbutzim College, Minshar and Bezalel Academy.
Composer and Sound Designer for Video Games in collaboration with Minshar college, and various game jams.

Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music


Musical Arrangements for Rimon's musical show, producer and mixing engineer for independent artists, MIDI and audio instructor.


Musical Instructor at Mickey Conservatory

Instructing musicians in all ages in ensemble groups, playing rock and pop music. Preparing singers and players for major shows and recital performances.

Guitar Instructor


As a private teacher I created a supportive environment where students can flourish and discover their musical identity, tailoring lessons to their individual aspirations and skill levels.


B.Ed. Music - Levinsky College of Education

B.Ed. Music degree in Levinsky College of Education.

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